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Calpine Discusses Life As Private Company
L.M. Sixel in the Houston Chronicle published a Q&A with Calpine CEO Thad Hill about Calpine's transition to a private company and difference ...
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U.S. Subsidiary Of Japanese Energy Co. Registers As Texas Power Marketer
JERA Energy America LLC registered with the Texas PUC as a wholesale power marketer. The company's ultimate parent, JERA, is an equal joint venture of...
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500 MW Battery Storage System Planned For ERCOT In Texas
Bloomberg reports that a nearly 500 MW battery storage system is being planned in conjunction with a solar farm of the same size in Borden County, Tex...
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Texas PUC Staff File Final Transmission Charge Matrix For ERCOT
Staff of the Texas PUC have filed a Final Transmission Charge Matrix for the ERCOT region to set 2019 wholesale transmission charges. The matrix remai...
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Claim: Newspaper Says Mayor Of City With Muni Utility Threatened Editor Over Coverage Of Rising Cost
The Texas Monitor reports on claims that the Mayor of Georgetown, Texas, allegedly told a reporter from the Wilco Sun he would take actions that woul...
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Citi Enters Supply Agreement For Texas Operations
Citi has entered into a new agreement to supply renewable energy for a multi-year term to its operations in Texas. The power and renewable energy...
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Texas Muni To Hire Consultant, Energy Manager To Address Disposition Of Surplus Power That's Raising
The municipal electric utility of Georgetown, Texas has issued RFPs for an energy consultant to oversee its electric supply portfolio, and another to ...
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AEP Competitive Sub. To Purchase Wind Assets From Sempra
American Electric Power announced that its competitive renewable energy subsidiary has signed an agreement to acquire Sempra Renewables LLC and its ...
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Texas Bill Would End Retail Electric Gross Receipts Tax For Schools, Require REPs To Pass-On Savings
H.B. No. 1581 has been filed in the Texas House of Representatives which would provide that the gross receipts from the sale of electricity to a publi...
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Tradition Energy Assists Texas Cities With Innovative Retail Electric Products
Tradition Energy recently helped 10 local governments procure what Tradition called, "innovative renewable energy products." The renewable products i...
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Report: Solar Industry Growing In Texas
L.M. Sixel in the Houston Chronicle reports on the growing solar industry in Texas See the story here...
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Texas Bill Would Increase Threshold At Which Generators Need Approval For Mergers, Acquisitions
A bill [HB 1503] has been filed with the Texas legislature which would generally increase the threshold at which a generator must seek approval for a...
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Duke Energy Renewables To Acquire Solar Project In Texas
7X Energy, Inc. announced the sale of the 100-megawatt (MW) Lapetus Solar Energy Project in Andrews County, Texas to Duke Energy Renewables. 7X, th...
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Texas Power Plant Owners To Invest $100 Million In Generation In Advance Of Summer
Writing in the Houston Chronicle, L.M. Sixel reports that Texas Competitive Power Advocates members are planning to invest over $100 million in existi...
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Texas Retail Provider Receives Smart Energy Award
The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) has awarded Reliant the Smart Energy Innovation Award, "for their groundbreaking work around voice ass...
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