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Luminant Makes Job Cuts Official With Filings
Layoffs at Luminant will cut approximately 600 jobs as the company decommissions three coal-fired power plants and a mine in Texas, the Longview News-...
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PUCT Chair Worries Changing Mexican, US Grid Topology Could Co-mingle ERCOT, WECC Power
In a memo in advance of today's open meeting, Texas PUC Chairman DeAnn Walker warned that changes to the topology of the Mexican and U.S. grid could e...
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Texas Free Market Policies Keeps Electric Prices Low, Contrasted To California
Writing on, Chuck DeVore, vice president with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and who served in the California State Assembly from 2004...
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TIEC: Retail Choice At Entergy Texas Would Be Hindered By MISO Forward Capacity Market
If the Midcontinent ISO ever adopted a centralized, forward capacity market for retail choice areas, "it would likely be necessary for the ETI [Enterg...
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Discount Power (TX) Named #1 On HBJ List Of Fastest-Growing Private Companies, Reports Revenue
Discount Power (Texas), a Houston-based retail electricity provider, today announced that the company ranks No. 1 in Houston Business Journal’s (HBJ) ...
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Texas PUC Exec Director Issues $25,000 NOV Alleging City DSP Failed To Register As TO
The Executive Director of the Public Utility Commission of Texas has issued a Notice of Violation to the City of Bartlett, Texas, as the PUCT's Ov...
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Texas Retail Market Rules Included In New Periodic Re-adoption Review
Staff of the Texas PUC have proposed a process to review Chapter 25 - Substantive Rules Applicable to Electric Service Providers Texas Government Cod...
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ExGen Texas Power Files For Bankruptcy
Exelon's ExGen Texas Power Holdings, LLC, ExGen Texas Power, LLC, and various affiliates have filed a voluntary petition in the United States Bankrupt...
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TLSC Asks Legislature To Address Enhanced Electricity Customer Protections For Hurricane Victims
The Texas Legal Services Center has written Byron Cook, Chairman of the Texas House State Affairs Committee, asking that lawmakers address enhanced cu...
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Start-Up Texas Aggregator Announces Affinity Plan With "Prominent" Chamber Of Commerce
Start-up Texas aggregator Excite Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Photon Energy Corp (see background here), said that it has rolled out a new energy affini...
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Claim: Academic Says A California Experiment Could Shape Texas Electricity Rates
In a piece published in the Texas Monthly, Scott Vitter, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Austin, discusses California's mandatory move ...
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TXU Energy Enables Customers to Adjust Smart Thermostat or Pay Bill With Two New Amazon Alexa Skills
TXU Energy announced two new ways customers can personalize their Amazon Alexa experience. The company has launched two separate Alexa skills – one ...
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Texas Electricity Ratings Launches "People’s Choice" Awards For Texas Retail Providers
Texas Electricity Ratings has created a "People's Choice" rankings, "of the major Retail Electricity Providers in the state of Texas based purely on c...
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Sempra: Would Look To Transition Oncor Ring-Fencing After "Earning" Confidence Of Texas Regulators
During an earnings call yesterday, Sempra Energy CEO Debra Reed said, in response to a question regarding whether ring-fencing adopted as part of its...
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Report: LP&L (And Some NOIE) Rates Higher Than Dallas, Houston Rates
KAMC, via, reports that Lubbock Power & Light bills are materially higher than average electric prices in Dallas and Houston...
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