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Company Seeks Texas PUC Approval For 'HVDC' Converter Facilities Connecting ERCOT With WECC Grid

July 06,2022

Grid United Texas LLC filed an application at the Texas PUC for a Partial Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Rights pursuant to Public Utility Regulatory Act1 (PURA) §§ 37.051(c-1) and 37.056(b)(2) to interconnect an HVDC Facility to the ERCOT Transmission Grid

By such application, Grid United Texas seeks a finding by the Public Utility Commission of Texas that the public convenience and necessity require, or will require, the interconnection of high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter facilities to LCRA Transmission Services Corporation’s (LCRA TSC) Bakersfield Switching Station with an appropriate end-point station in El Paso Electric Company’s (EPE) system that will allow the import of power into, and the export of power out of, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) transmission grid by Grid United Texas.

The Pecos West Intertie Project (Proposed Project) is a proposed 1,500 MW HVDC interconnection between ERCOT and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC). The Proposed Project is proposed with an HVDC converter station at the LCRA TSC Bakersfield Switching Station in Pecos County, Texas, and an HVDC converter station at an EPE Station in El Paso County, Texas. Grid United Texas has evaluated interconnection at EPE’s Caliente Station and Newman Station, but the EPE interconnection will be determined following further consultation with EPE and the U.S. Army regarding a potential crossing of Fort Bliss (for the Newman Station interconnection).

An approximately 250 to 300 mile ±525 kilovolt (kV) overhead HVDC tie line (Tie Line) is to connect the HVDC converter stations at each end of the Proposed Project.

"The Proposed Project’s HVDC technology allows ERCOT to maintain electrical isolation from the WECC system," petitioner said

"Because the Proposed Project needs FERC approval to ensure the independence of the ERCOT grid is not compromised by the interconnection, Grid United Texas is first required to come to the [Texas] Commission before seeking an interconnection order from the FERC," petitioner said

Petitioner seeks a "partial" CCN for purposes of such determination, with specific routing to be determined in a later, more traditional CCN proceeding

See more details in the petition here


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