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ERCOT Files Language For NPRR To Ensure Mexican Grid Changes Do Not Result In FERC Jurisdiction
ERCOT has filed Nodal Protocol Revision Requests (NPRR) 861, Clarification of ERCOT’s Authority to Protect Its Jurisdictional Status, which would clar...
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ERCOT Files Notice Of Protocol Violations Related To SCED Logic, A/S Postings
In a filing with the Texas PUC, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (ERCOT) notified the Commission of violations of certain posting requi...
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ERCOT Board Endorses Transmission Project in Freeport, Texas
The ERCOT Board of Directors has endorsed a transmission project to help address growing electricity needs in Freeport, Texas. "We continue to see g...
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PUC Chair: ERCOT Should Adopt Changes Not Allowing Transactions To Mexico If Jurisdiction At Risk
In a memo in advance of today's open meeting updating the Commission on ERCOT jurisdictional issues in light of the changing Mexican grid (which c...
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Texas PUC Staff Recommend Approving LP&L Integration Into ERCOT With Conditions
In testimony, Staff of the Texas PUC recommended that the Commission approve Lubbock Power and Light's (LP&L) proposal to integrate into ERCOT with th...
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Discount Power Donating To Harvey Relief Fund For Each New Enrollment
Discount Power (Texas) announced that for every new customer that enrolls through any channel between December 13, 2017 through December 31, 2017, the...
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ERCOT Files Proposed Plan To Assess Benefits Of Real-Time Co-optimization and Marginal Losses
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (ERCOT) has filed with the Texas PUC a report describing ERCOT's proposed plan to assess the benefits ...
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Texas REP Offering Google Home Mini For New Enrollments
TriEagle Energy is offering Texas residential customers a Google Home Mini for enrolling with the company for retail electric service Rather than bun...
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STEC Raises Issue Of Texas Entities Paying For Reserves Being Able To Rely On Them During Emergency
In comments to the Texas PUC concerning potential energy-only market changes, South Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc. said, "the ERCOT structure and no...
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ERCOT Files 4CP Dates, Report
ERCOT has filed with the Texas PUC its 2017 4CP report The 2017 4CP dates were June 23, July 28, August 16 and September 20, 2017. The 2017 4CP Rep...
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Texas Generator To Pay $10,000 Under Settlement With Texas PUC Staff
Exelon Generation Company, LLC would pay $10,000 under a settlement with Staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas to resolve alleged violations...
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ERCOT Files NPRR To Create Direct Current Tie Operator Market Participant Role
ERCOT has submitted NPRR857, Creation of Direct Current Tie Operator Market Participant Role, See the NPRR for details...
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Canadian IPP To Purchase Generation Assets in ERCOT
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. filed at FERC for authorization for a proposed transaction pursuant to which Innergex will acquire 100 percent of the i...
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Reliant Launches Another Crowdsourced Charity Campaign
Reliant has launched another campaign under its crowd-sourced charitable-giving program, Reliant Gives, with the public able to vote on which of three...
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Luminant Makes Job Cuts Official With Filings
Layoffs at Luminant will cut approximately 600 jobs as the company decommissions three coal-fired power plants and a mine in Texas, the Longview News-...
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