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ARM RFIs In Lubbock ERCOT Integration Case Seek Info On Choice, Selection of NOIE Load Zone

October 30,2017

The Alliance for Retail Markets (ARM) issued several RFIs to Lubbock Power & Light in LP&L's proceeding before the Texas PUC to integrate into ERCOT.

Among other things, ARM's RFIs seek all documents provided to or generated by LP&L and the members of the LP&L Electric Utility Board, individually and as the Board, addressing the subject matter of opting into retail electric competition, including documents provided to or generated by those persons and entities relating to the online petition posted in the summer of 2017 by Mr. Joseph Lee.

As previously reported, thousands of LP&L customers have signed a petition for retail electric choice

ARM's RFIs also seek information regarding LP&L's desire to create a NOIE load zone, and asks, "Will the establishment of a new NOIE load zone create a barrier to or impede LP&L's ability to opt into retail competition?"

See the full RFIs here

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