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Exelon to Retire Three Mile Island Generating Station, Absent Needed Policy "Reforms"

May 30,2017

Exelon Corporation today said it will prematurely retire its Three Mile Island Generating Station (TMI) on or about September 30, 2019, "absent needed policy reforms."

Exelon is immediately taking one-time charges of $65-110 million for 2017 associated with the announcement, and accelerating approximately $1.0-1.1 billion in depreciation and amortization through the announced shutdown date

Exelon is also terminating capital investment projects required for long-term operation of TMI and canceling 2019 fuel purchases and outage planning

Exelon said that, "Amending the AEPS is one of many potential solutions to preserve Pennsylvania’s nuclear plants. Other options include establishing a zero emissions credit program, similar to the approach being implemented in Illinois and New York."

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