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Dayton Power & Light Launches New Online Marketplace, Said To Be One Of Many Innovative Solutions

June 08,2018

The Dayton Power and Light Company has launched a new online marketplace which DP&L described as, "enabling customers to make informed decisions on energy efficient products."

"DP&L has a variety of smart solutions to manage home energy use more effectively," the company said

"The launch of DP&L Marketplace represents a step forward in enhancing the customer experience," said Craig Jackson, DP&L President and CEO. "As we move to become a next generation energy company, we are simplifying the process and providing our customers easy and convenient access to the latest range of smart energy efficient products through a digital platform."

"Customers can visit the DP&L Marketplace to learn more about and purchase top-rated energy efficient products for their homes that can increase their comfort, save time and reduce energy bills. Additionally, customers can receive instant DP&L rebates on qualifying smart thermostats and LED light bulbs," DP&L said

"The launch of DP&L Marketplace is one of many enhancements DP&L is making to deliver timely, innovative solutions to our customers," DP&L said

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