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San Diego Zoo Global Selects Retail Supplier Affiliate For Battery Storage

October 18,2018

EDF Renewables North America Distributed Solutions was chosen by San Diego Zoo Global to provide energy storage services.

The storage project will include a 1-megawatt (MW)/4-megawatt hour (MWh) battery to mitigate spikes in usage thereby lowering demand charges. The system will also minimize energy costs by recharging the battery when energy is at its lowest available rates, and then later discharging that power to the Zoo when costs are highest.

The agreement is a performance-based contract whereby EDF Renewables is only paid based on the actual utility bill savings realized by the Zoo as a result of the battery operation. Accordingly, the Zoo has no fixed payments and bears no performance risk on the operation of the system. The battery solution also acts as a hedge against rising utility rates.

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