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Tactical Gear Retailer Selects ENGIE Sub. For Energy Expense Management

October 10,2018

ENGIE Insight announced that 5.11, Inc., a developer and retailer of purpose-built gear, has selected ENGIE Insight to manage and analyze its resource expenses.

ENGIE Insight will service 5.11’s utility, waste, and telecom bills across its retail locations

ENGIE Insight will deliver a suite of related procurement and financial services, including utility rate monitoring and optimization, RFP and contract management, annual budget development, utility and waste bill pay and data management. ENGIE Insight will also support the overall management of 5.11 Inc.’s, telecom systems including account set up and invoice processing.

5.11, Inc. creates purpose-built apparel and gear designed specifically to enhance the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of tactical professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

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