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Utility Proposes Offering "Discounted" SOS TOU Rates For EV Customers, Green Add-On SOS Product

September 10,2018

Pepco has filed a new transportation electrification program with the District of Columbia PSC, in which Pepco proposes, among other things, several new time of use SOS options for customers with plug-in EVs (PIVs), and a green SOS option.

Pepco proposes to permit Standard Offer Service (SOS) residential customers with PIVs to choose a "discounted" 'whole house' TOU rate, "that offers the customer easy entry into a new rate and facilitates transition to PIVs." Such TOU component of the 'whole house' rate would include a time-based SOS rate intended to encourage usage, including PIV charging, during off-peak hours. On-peak hours will be 12:00 pm to 8:00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. All other hours will be off-peak.

Customer participation would be unlimited on the whole house SOS TOU rate

Another proposal is for about 550 residential customers, who receive certain discounts or rebates from Pepco for EV charges, to receive a TOU SOS rate for their separately-metered EV charging.

Pepco also proposes that all SOS customers on one of the PIV options (both whole house and EV meter-specific) shall have the option of receiving electricity consisting of 100% renewable energy (PIV-Green) in the form of an 'Adder' to the PIV-specific rate. "The Adder will allow customers to have their energy supplied from 100% green energy and claim zero tailpipe emissions when charging an all-electric vehicle," Pepco said

Based on current procurement costs the Adder would increase the rate by $0.0359 per kWh.

Pepco's proposal also includes utility-developed public charging infrastructure, and charging infrastructure for multi-family dwelling and commercial customers, along with various incentives.

Apart from certain existing funding, and participant contributions under some of the proposals, Pepco proposes to recover the revenue requirement associated with the transportation electrification program through electric distribution rates

Pepco said that its proposal would serve areas not served by the competitive market and would ensure development in an "equitable" manner

See Pepco's filing for more details

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