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"Clean" Energy Groups Oppose Nevada Electric Choice

July 30,2018

Four "clean" energy groups -- Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, and Western Resource Advocates -- have announced their opposition to Question 3 on Nevada’s ballot this upcoming election, the Electric Choice Initiative

The groups said in a news release that, "There is no evidence that this new market structure would lower rates below current levels for residential customers."

The groups said in a news release that, "Most importantly, a deregulated market would interrupt NV Energy’s commitment to double its current level of renewable energy generation by 2023, call into question the future of utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs, and introduce uncertainty into the state’s recovering rooftop solar industry."

Dylan Sullivan, Natural Resources Defense Council senior scientist, issued the following statement: "Question 3 has been sold to voters as a way to get more renewable energy online in Nevada, but it will actually make it more difficult. There will be years of market uncertainty as the legislature figures out how to implement complex restructuring, and even after that, electricity retailers have shown a reluctance to sign the long-term contracts it takes to get new renewables built."

Anne Macquarie, Chair of Sierra Club’s Toiyabe Chapter, issued the following statement: "If Question 3 passes, it will upend the clean energy progress we’re making here in Nevada. Right now, NV Energy has big plans for new solar infrastructure, and the rooftop solar market is quickly recovering, but that may all change. The uncertainty of a deregulated market threatens all of Nevada’s clean energy momentum, and that’s bad for jobs, it’s bad for public health, and it’s bad for clean air and water."

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