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Academic: "Artificial" Configuration Of Texas Power To Choose "Rammed" Down Consumers’ Throats

July 13,2018

Houston Chronicle columnist L.M. Sixel has published a good read on the emergence of various concierge-style power buying services in Texas, which includes a few choice quotes.

Sixel quotes Ed Hirs, energy economist at the University of Houston, as stating, "the consumer is getting ripped off by the Power to Choose artificial configuration that the Public Utility Commission has rammed down the throat of Texas consumers."

Sixel quotes Jesson Bradshaw, principal at Energy Ogre, as stating, referring to retail providers, "They don’t like us informing the customer."

Sixel describes some brokers which receive commissions from REPs as operating websites, "that are more perplexing than Power to Choose."

See the Houston Chronicle for the full column

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