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Retail Supplier Affiliate Enters Contract With Bitcoin Mining Company

July 12,2018

Zenergy Brands, Inc., which describes itself as a "next-generation utility" and is the parent of Texas retail provider Enertrade Electric and various other energy services companies, announced aggregate contract values for contracts it entered into with customers during June for its Zero Cost Program service offering

In June, Zenergy entered into Zero Cost Services Agreements with customers in the private sector, with aggregate contract values totaling $1,044,182.04. The respective agreements are for 7-year terms.

Zenergy said that one of the Zero Cost agreements is with U.S.-based, bitcoin mining operation known as BitPlus, Ltd. Zenergy said, "BitPlus is utilizing an innovative energy sourcing strategy encompassing a micro-grid approach, which gives them a unique competitive advantage in the bitcoin mining industry."

BitPlus CEO and Co-Founder, Tom Blasen, commented, "The Zero Cost approach allows us to implement our unique method to sourcing electricity for our mining operation, while also allowing us to focus on our core business."

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