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EDF Trading To Supply Power At Texas LNG Terminal

July 12,2018

On July 3, 2018 JERA Co., Inc and EDF Trading Limited announced their intention to form an LNG optimization and trading joint venture, JERA Trading Pte. Ltd.

EDF Trading North America (EDFT NA) has further announced that it and JERA Energy America (JERA EA), an affiliate of JERA Trading Pte. Ltd., have entered into an agreement to fulfill JERA EA’s requirements at the Freeport liquefaction terminal in Quintana, Texas.

Specifically, EDFT NA will manage the natural gas and electric supply for JERA EA as well as provide optimization services for JERA EA’s transportation portfolio.

JERA EA has a 2.3 mtpa liquefaction tolling agreement (LTA) with Freeport LNG.

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