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Texas PUC Chair Walker Recommends Revisions To SMT Order Clarifying HAN Waiver

July 11,2018

Texas PUC Chairman DeAnn Walker has recommended granting a motion for rehearing concerning the PUC's recent Smart Meter Texas order to clarify the waiver granted to the TDUs regarding HAN functionality

A modified conclusion of law under Walker's memo would state that, "On-demand meter reading functionality through SMT is an adequate substitute for HAN functionality on SMT under 16 TAC ยง 25.130(g)(3)."

A modified ordering paragraph under Walker's memo would provide that, "AEP Texas, CenterPoint, Oncor, and TNMP shall continue to support HAN functionality for customers with a HAN device paired to a meter and in use at the time that SMT 2.0 is implemented through their respective advanced metering systems."

See the full revisions here

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