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ENGIE Insight To Hold Nationwide Tour On Energy, Sustainability

June 28,2018

ENGIE Insight announced that it will embark on a cross country tour this July to, "observe the intersection of energy, waste and water data with efficiency practices and environmental sustainability stewardship."

"With more than 30 planned stops across a variety of United States businesses, the ENGIE Insight team will observe, report and discuss the current state of sustainability, through existing business programs and current innovation projects, as well as meet with leaders to discuss the trends shaping the market today and the disruptors that may come tomorrow," the company said

"On ENGIE Insight’s grassroots 'Coast to Coast Sustainability Tour,' chief executive officer Mathias Lelievre and chief commercial officer Paige Janson will meet with U.S. business leaders, innovators and influencers to glean direct insight into the strategies, successes, and underpinning innovations that support their sustainable development current actions and future goals, as well as specific challenges organizations are facing along the way. ENGIE Insight will explore how companies plan to achieve their resource reduction and climate targets by reviewing applications of sustainability trends, including everything from the circular economy to blockchain and green finance models," the company said

During each stop of the tour, ENGIE Insight’s team will be meeting with groups spanning sustainability start-ups and global corporations to discuss current programs and projects. The trip will include stops at leading hospitality, retail, food service, and transportation companies to discuss themes covering renewable energy and solar, storage and fuel cells, sustainable building design, electric mobility, water conservation, waste reduction and recycling programs, and IoT innovation, among others.

The tour includes stops in:

• New York City, NY

• Washington, DC

• Atlanta, GA

• Columbus, OH

• Chicago, IL

• Houston, TX

• Dallas, TX

• Los Angeles, CA

• San Francisco, CA

• Seattle, WA

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