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CenterPoint Utility To Offer Texas Customers Home Protection Services From Third Party

June 13,2018

CenterPoint Energy and HomeServe USA Corp. announced a new partnership through which CenterPoint Energy's natural gas customers in Texas will be able to purchase service plans for several household systems.

The companies said in a news release that, "CenterPoint Energy and HomeServe's new program will offer a suite of service plans covering repairs to several energy-consuming and other home systems, including customer-owned natural gas lines, heating and cooling systems, interior electric wiring, water heaters, and exterior water and sewer lines."

The initial rollout will include protection for customer-owned natural gas lines and cooling systems, and will be available later this summer.

"CenterPoint Energy prides itself on being a trusted energy advisor, so we are pleased to work with HomeServe to provide our customers access to these new valuable services," said Gregg Knight, senior vice president and Chief Customer Officer of CenterPoint Energy. "CenterPoint Energy provides high-quality, highly rated energy delivery to our customers. These new service plans are a natural extension and will provide homeowners with a low-cost, peace-of mind option for unexpected repairs to covered systems."

The Gas Line service plan, for example, will offer homeowners protection against the expense and inconvenience of repairs to the customer-owned natural gas line from the CenterPoint Energy meter up to and including the connectors to each natural gas appliance inside the home. The plan would also cover repairs to the piping leading to connectors to natural gas appliances outside around the property, such as a natural gas grill or natural gas pool heater. Future offerings will include service plans to help repair or maintain energy-consuming appliances, which will help them use energy more efficiently.

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