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Direct Energy Releases New Skills for Customers With Amazon Alexa

May 22,2018

Direct Energy formally announced the launch of a new Direct Energy skill for Alexa that will help customers manage their electricity account

Most of the new Direct Energy capabilities via Alexa had been first reported by in connection with Direct's new product bundling an Amazon Echo Dot with electricity supply

Once enabled and the customer's Direct Energy account is linked via Alexa, customers can use the new Direct Energy skill for a variety of scenarios, such as "Alexa, ask Direct Energy…"

• "…for my bill due date."

• "…for my account balance."

• "…to make a payment."

• "…how much was my last bill."

• "…for information about the company."

• "…what is my 'Refer A Friend' code."

• "…which of my appliances is using the most energy."

• "…which of my appliances used the most energy in [date]."

• "…what is my [weekly, monthly, or yearly] usage?"

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