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Texas Electricity Ratings Launches Bill Calculator, Includes Predictive Analysis Of Future Bills

May 03,2018

The following is a news release from Texas Electricity Ratings. disclaims any responsibility for the content or data contained in the release below, and makes no averment as to its accuracy or statements.

Texas Electricity Ratings Launches Innovative Bill Calculator

Provides Deeper Insight Into Future Texas Electricity Bills

HOUSTON, May 2, 2018 -- In anticipation of what is predicted to be another record-setting summer in Texas, the consumer advocacy website Texas Electricity Ratings announced the release of their next major application to help customers effectively compare and shop for the best Texas electricity rates: a one of a kind Bill Calculator.

Bill Calculators are nothing new in the electricity shopping space, however, the calculator developed by Texas Electricity is unique; this is a calculator that can accurately predict a customer's bill. Other sites simply estimate a bill based on the electricity rate and a customer's estimated usage. The Texas Electricity rating calculator takes into account rate, estimated usage, as well as bill credits, TDSP charges, the effect of weather and seasonality, minimum usage or base charges, and the different tiered pricing models used by the Texas Retail Electricity Providers.

While developing their new Bill Calculator, the team at Texas Electricity Ratings understood that the electricity plans customers are choosing from in the Texas electricity retail marketplace are becoming increasingly complex, making them difficult for shoppers to understand exactly what to expect on their bill each month. Some plans have zero energy charges and large base monthly charges while others have significant usage credits that can be great for some homes but double a customer's monthly bill if they miss a narrow usage target. Combine these and half-a-dozen other factors make it potentially difficult for customers to understand what a Texas electricity bill will look like for a specific plan and specific usage.

For customers looking for more detailed plan information, the Texas Electricity Ratings Bill calculator will do more than just deliver an average monthly bill. Shoppers looking for an extremely detailed breakdown of their bill can view what the total cost of a specific plan at their usage will be over the course of a year. The calculator will also break down the bill on a monthly basis, utilizing the company's Seasonality Curve to reflect that electricity bills in August look markedly different than bills in November. The Seasonality Curve is an algorithm based on the historical usage of thousands of Texas Electricity Rating's customers that accounts for how usage changes over the course of a year, year over year. Additionally, the Plan Details Page will include annual and per-month on-average savings for any bill credits, over the life of the bill. It also shows what a customer will pay for base monthly charges or any other fees or other add-ons where applicable.

About Electricity Ratings is the destination website for Texas residents and business owners to share their opinions and have a voice in the Texas Deregulated Energy Market. Electricity Ratings, LLC helps people make informed buying decisions through its consumer reviews platform and is a reliable source for valuable consumer insight, advice, in-depth energy company service evaluations, and personalized recommendations. Since 2009, we've helped over 1.5 million shoppers find the best energy providers and rates. Electricity Ratings, LLC operates similar consumer energy shopping websites in Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New York.

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