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Parties Seek Waiver Of Texas Rule Requiring HAN Support Under AMI, SMT

May 03,2018

Settling parties in the Smart Meter Texas requirements case before the Texas PUC have moved for a waiver of Tex. Admin. Code § 25.130(g)(1)(J), a rule which requires that an AMS system shall provide or support the capability to communicate with devices inside the premises, including, but not limited to, usage monitoring devices, load control devices, and prepayment systems through a home-area network ('HAN') based upon standards and protocols that comply with nationally recognized non-proprietary standards such as ZigBee, Home-Plug, or the equivalent

Settling parties include, among others, PUCT Staff, the TDUs, and retail providers

By rule, the Commission may grant a request for waiver if it would be uneconomic or technically infeasible to implement particular system features or if the AMS exceeds or is an adequate substitute for the requirements of 16 TAC § 25.130(g)(1).

"The Joint TDUs are submitting evidence that demonstrates that the continued provision of HAN functionality is uneconomic and that the revised version of Smart Meter Texas ('SMT') to be provided in accordance with the Stipulation filed in this proceeding ('SMT 2.0) provides an adequate substitute for the existing version of SMT and for the requirements of 16 TAC § 25.130(g)(1)," the settling parties said

See the waiver request for details

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