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New York Working Group Files EDI Changes

April 30,2018

The New York Electronic Data Interchange Working Group has filed with the New York PSC modified Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Standards Documents, consisting of Implementation Guides, Testing Plans and Business Process documents

The instant filing (April 2018 Report) includes modifications aimed at providing Distributed Energy Resource Suppliers (DERS) access to select customer information via EDI, addition of a new segment to the 814C transaction to permit ESCOs to provide a generic credit to customers on Utility Consolidated Bills (UCB) prepared under the Rate Ready model and new segments/modifications permitting ESCO to Utility communications pertaining to Assistance Program Participant (APP) customers who receive consolidated bills from their ESCOs.

In addition to the EDI changes described above, the April 2018 Report revises the EDI Standards Documents to:

• Add a new REF Reference Identification (APP Status) to communicate Customer APP Status in the Enrollment Response.

• Eliminate references to the NY Billing Agency model.

• Change references to Single Retailer Model changed to ESCO Consolidated Billing, where appropriate.

• Add clarifying notes/language in various EDI Standards Documents.

• Reflect other changes to address miscellaneous errata.

The EDI Working Group does not provide a specific implementation timeline but notes that for those changes to the EDI Standards proposed in the April 2018 Report that primarily concern existing business practices, optional business practices or corrections to reflect current EDI implementations, they should be implemented by utilities in the normal course of business. Otherwise, with the exception of minor changes and/or 'bug fixes', when implementing changes (including optional items) utilities should provide at least 30 days’ notice to ESCOs utilizing EDI in the utility’s service territory (and their EDI Service Providers). This notification will give ESCOs lead time to implement changes to (and test, if necessary) their systems.

See the April 2018 EDI Report and changes here (April 30 filings)

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