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Connecticut PURA Sets Process For Resources To Petition For At-Risk Determination

April 30,2018

The Connecticut PURA has set forth a process for generators to be deemed "at risk" resources

Upon a petition from a generator seeking at-risk status, PURA will open a proceeding to evaluate and conduct discovery on the petitioning resource’s "at risk" status. DEEP will participate in that proceeding as a party.

"This approach will enable both agencies to reach separate conclusions about 'at risk' status -- as appropriate to their independent roles -- based on a common evidentiary record. Any 'at risk' proceeding will be timed to run in parallel with the RFP process, with appropriate sequencing to ensure fair and competitive bidding in the RFP," PURA said

No later than May 31, 2018, an eligible resource may petition PURA to initiate a proceeding to determine that the resource is an "existing resource confirmed at risk." If PURA receives such a petition, PURA will open a proceeding to consider the petition. DEEP will independently evaluate the information submitted, as a party in the PURA proceeding, and submit in the PURA proceeding its independent recommendation regarding the "at risk" status of any petitioning resource. In order to develop a record, such proceeding shall be conducted in a docket opened by PURA for the purpose of: (1) determining the "at risk"” status of petitioning eligible resources; and (subsequently) (2) evaluating any contract(s) resulting from selection by DEEP through the RFP conducted pursuant to § 1(2)(d) of the Act (June Special Session Public Act 17-3, An Act Concerning Zero Carbon Solicitation and Procurement).

Further details on the process can be found in PURA's notice here

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