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New York PSC Approves Utility Energy Data Registry For Use By Municipal Aggregations, Other Parties

April 20,2018

The New York PSC adopted an order directing the creation of the Utility Energy Registry, an on-line platform offering public access to customer-load data for the major utilities.

The registry will make community-level energy consumption data available for local planning, market research and community choice aggregation development (municipal aggregation), without providing an individual’s consumption data

In addition, the Commission adopted a privacy standard for the provision of whole building data for apartment buildings.

The Registry will get underway in mid-2018.

A written order was not immediately available

Other actions by the PSC included:

• Energy Storage: The Commission opened the door to distributed generation (DG) suppliers seeking to connect energy storage technologies to the distribution system, allowing for projects up to 5 MW to come on-line. In addition, the Commission enhanced the Standardized Interconnection Requirements (SIR) application and contract process. These revisions will provide for a much more efficient interconnection process that allows DG developers to connect projects to the distribution system without undue delay, the PSC said

• Energy Smart Community: The Commission approved NYSEG’s request to implement time differentiated electric rate options, on a pilot basis, for the Energy Smart Community (ESC) project. The ESC project, which includes the deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to approximately 12,000 customers in Ithaca, Tompkins County, and the surrounding towns. The pilot rates, including the selection of on-peak and off-peak time periods, are designed to convey strong price signals that focus on the system peak. For each service classification, the off-peak rates are at least 2.5 times less than the on-peak rates, which sends a clear price signal to customers, and provides them with a greater financial incentive to manage their energy usage.

• Agriculture Renewable Energy: The Commission ordered that Community Distributed Generation (CDG) projects serving only farm customers are no longer required to comply with a number of CDG program rules, including the 10-member minimum requirement. Instead, CDG projects with less than 10 members will be allowed. Farm-based generation, including farm digesters, offers the potential to contribute significantly to the State’s energy system and clean energy goals.

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