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Illinois Bill Would Ban POR, UCB For Retail Suppliers, Except For Muni Aggregation Customers

April 04,2018

An Illinois bill (HB5101) backed by the Citizens Utility Board and AARP would restrict the offering of utility consolidated billing, purchase of receivables, and supplier consolidated billing to only those customers enrolled with a retail supplier through a municipal aggregation

The bill would also authorize opt-out natural gas municipal aggregation and restrict gas UCB to municipal aggregation customers

See the bill here

CUB cited the previously reported 2017 ICC Office of Retail Market Development report which CUB said shows retail supply customers were paying nearly $200 million more than default service rates from June 2016 and May 2017 ($150 million at ComEd, $50 million at Ameren. It should be noted this aggregate "loss" CUB references includes the impact of municipal aggregation customers, the sales channel CUB is seeking to promote.

ORMD had noted in its report that, "[O]n average, residential RES [retail electric supplier] customers (which were overwhelmingly aggregation customers), paid about two-thirds of a cent more per kWh than Ameren Illinois’ bundled service customers between June 2016 and May 2017 when taking into account the PEA [purchased electricity adjustment]."

Although not enshrined in HB 5101, CUB is also calling for lawmakers to:

• Ban automatic renewal of contracts. Offers should only be renewed if a customer opts in to the new offer, CUB said

• Mandate that the utility’s “price to compare” be displayed on bills.

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