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Texas TOs File Petition At FERC To Preserve Jurisdictional Status Quo In Light of Changing CFE

March 30,2018

On March 28, 2018, AEP Energy Partners, Inc. filed an Application under section 211 of the Federal Power Act requesting that the FERC order Sharyland Utilities, L.P., AEP Texas, Inc., and Electric Transmission of Texas, LLC to provide transmission services over the ERCOT-CFE DC Ties.

Such applicants also requested that the Commission confirm that the provision of transmission services by the ERCOT-CFE Tie Operators to, from, and over the ERCOT-CFE Ties in compliance with this order will not cause ERCOT or any entity that operates in the ERCOT region or participates in the ERCOT market and is not currently a “public utility” under section 201(e) of the FPA to become a public utility subject to FERC’s plenary jurisdiction.

Protection of the jurisdictional status quo also is necessary to ensure that ERCOT will not order the disconnection of the ERCOT-CFE Ties, deny or curtail e-Tags for service over the ERCOT-CFE Ties, or be required to take other actions to protect ERCOT’s non-jurisdictional status, the applicants said

See the petition here in FERC Docket No. TX18-1-000

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