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Ohio Nunc Pro Tunc Order Corrects Rehearing Order On Retail Supplier Billing

March 29,2018

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio issued a Nunc Pro Tunc order which serves to correct a recent rehearing order on retail supplier billing issues

As previously reported by, a March 21 rehearing order had, in its body, denied rehearing of the request made by certain retail suppliers (such as IGS and RESA) that suppliers who choose to opt-out of POR for products with non-commodity services (since purchased receivables only include receivables related to the commodity) should still be allowed to place non-commodity charges on the utility bill. PUCO had previously ruled that CRES non-commodity charges shall not be placed on the utility bill, and affirmed such finding by denying rehearing, noting that the issue is being addressed in another case

However, an ordering paragraph in the original March 21 order muddied this issue by stating, "That, in accordance with paragraph 121, the applications for rehearing of the ESP 3 Order on that issue filed by IGS and RESA, be granted."

In its Nunc Pro Tunc order, PUCO said that this above language should be deleted, making clear that rehearing was not granted on the non-commodity billing issue raised by RESA and IGS

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