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FirstEnergy Solutions Files Deactivation Notice for Three Nuclear Plants

March 29,2018

FirstEnergy Solutions (FES) has notified PJM Interconnection (PJM) that two nuclear power plants in Ohio and another in Pennsylvania owned by its subsidiary will be deactivated during the next three years.

Plant closures are subject to review by PJM for reliability impacts, if any.

In the interim, the plants will continue normal operations, as FES seeks, "legislative policy solutions as an alternative to deactivation or sale."

The plants scheduled for retirement are:

• Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station (908 MW) in Oak Harbor, Ohio, in 2020

• Beaver Valley Power Station (1,872 MW) in Shippingport, Pa., in 2021

• Perry Nuclear Power Plant (1,268 MW) in Perry, Ohio, in 2021

The total capacity of the nuclear plants to be deactivated is 4,048 megawatts (MW). In 2017, the nuclear units contributed approximately 65 percent of the electricity produced by the FES generating fleet.

In November 2016, FES parent FirstEnergy Corp. announced that it would exit competitive, or non-regulated, generation, "due to weak power prices, insufficient results from recent capacity auctions, and weak demand forecasts." A strategic review of FES's two remaining coal plants and one natural gas plant, totaling 5,245 MW, will continue as part of that plan.

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