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PUC Orders Audit Of Utility With Retail Choice Due To Complaints Of High Bills

March 20,2018

The Maine PUC has voted to initiate a formal audit of Central Maine Power and its billing and part of its inquiry into over 1,000 complaints of high bills from CMP's customers

A written order was no immediately available

As previously reported, while various reasons have been given for the widespread high bills -- including a hike ind default service rates and, for some customers, higher retail supplier rates, in addition to weather driven usage and a longer billing cycle -- there has been no definitive or satisfactory explanation for the widespread occurrence

In a statement, CMP said, "Over the past several months, Central Maine Power customers have submitted a larger than normal number of complaints relative to high electric bills. We take these complaints seriously and are taking steps to address each and every one. Many of our customers live on tight budgets and sudden increases can put a significant strain on people’s lives."

"Today, the Maine Public Utilities Commission announced it will launch its own audit of our systems to ascertain what may have caused the increase in complaints. We welcome the PUC’s assistance and look forward to working together to ensure that our customers are being billed fairly and accurately," CMP said

"At the same time, we are conducting our own comprehensive review of the complaints to determine what the underlying causes were for the increases. Any detected errors will be fixed and those customers will be made whole," CMP said

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