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NY Issues Written Order On Allowing Opt-Out Community Solar In Muni Aggregation; ESCO APPs

March 19,2018

The New York PSC has issued written orders on several cases voted on at the PSC's session last week.

The PSC issued a written order concerning its approval, with conditions, of Joule Assets, Inc. as a community choice aggregation administrator, including the PSC's general endorsement of the ability for participating municipalities to enroll customers onto a community distributed generation (CDG) program, that provides savings, on an opt-out basis. As first reported by, the PSC denied the use of utility consolidated billing, at this time, for the CDG component of the aggregation, but will, subject to further compliance filing, allow opt-out enrollment onto CDG under the aggregation

See the Joule order here

The PSC also issued a written order approving New Wave Energy Corporation’s petition to serve assistance program participant (APP) customers as New Wave Energy demonstrated that it could guarantee a 1 percent savings against the utility price.

See the New Wave order here

The PSC also issued written orders denying rehearing of two prior orders denying separate requests from Drift Marketplace Inc. and M&R Energy Resources Corp. to serve APP customers. See the orders at the links below

Drift Marketplace

M&R Energy Resources

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