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FERC Finds MISO Capacity Market Just & Reasonable, Won't Disturb Auction Results

March 01,2018

In an order on remand from federal court, FERC found it could no longer accept a 2011 MISO filing implementing its capacity market design as just and reasonable, after the changes adopted by FERC in an order conditionally approving the mechanism were found to be beyond FERC's procedural authority in addressing the tariff filing. However, FERC found that re-running auction results would not be appropriate, for reasons stated in the order, and the auction results will not be disturbed

Separately, as a result of the remand, MISO in 2017 filed its currently effective capacity market tariff provisions and asked FERC to find them to be just and reasonable. FERC issued an order so finding, affirming that the currently effective capacity market tariffs are just and reasonable, with no change

See FERC's orders here

On Remand


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