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Residential FirstEnergy PA PTCs Falling, Small Business PTCs Increasing

February 28,2018

New Prices to Compare at the FirstEnergy Pennsylvania EDCs will take effect on March 1. previously reported on new PTCDefault rates at the FirstEnergy-PA utilities. Because PTCDefault rates are the all-in default service rates without the application of the State Tax Adjustment Surcharge (essentially, the PTC prior to application of the STAS), and because the STAS at the FirstEnergy EDCs is currently 0%, these PTCDefault rates are the Prices to Compare

Although the FirstEnergy EDC websites have not yet been updated with the official March 1 PTCs (secretarial letters approving the new PTCDefault tariff pages were only issued this week), PA Power Switch is showing the as-filed new PTCDefault rates as the actual PTCs for the period starting March 1

See's prior story for the new PTCs, which, as stated, equal the PTCDefault rates in the ECM story

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