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ERCOT Files New NPRR For Mapping Registered Distributed Generation to Transmission Loads

February 15,2018

ERCOT has posted new Nodal Protocol Revision Request NPRR866, Mapping Registered Distributed Generation and Load Resources to Transmission Loads in the Network Operations Model, submitted by ERCOT.

The NPRR states that it accomplishes two objectives related to mapping registered Distributed Generation (DG) and Load Resources to transmission Loads in the Network Operations Model. Specifically, the NPRR states that it:

• Expands paragraph (2) of Section to codify the existing process for mapping a Load Resource or an Aggregate Load Resource (ALR) to its appropriate Load point in the Network Operations Model; and

• Outlines in a new paragraph (3) of Section the practice for mapping a registered DG facility to its appropriate Load point in the Network Operations Model. These changes would affect all existing and future DG facilities that have registered or will register with ERCOT pursuant to paragraph (5) of Section 16.5, Registration of a Resource Entity. DG registration is required for any DG facility with a capacity rating above the registration threshold, currently set at 1 MW, and which injects energy to the distribution grid. Registration with ERCOT is optional for smaller DG facilities.

In its Business Case, the NPRR states, "this NPRR establishes a similar process [to the current Load Resource process] for mapping registered DG facilities to their appropriate Load point in the Model. ERCOT requires this DG facility information in order to improve situational awareness for ERCOT Operations. In addition, mapping these generators to Common Information Model (CIM) Loads will be necessary to extend nodal Locational Marginal Price (LMP) signals to these DG facilities."

"Load Resources that provide Ancillary Services, such as those controlled by under-frequency relay providing Responsive Reserve (RRS) Service, are not associated with a Resource Node, but nonetheless must be placed into the Network Operations Model as objects in order to enable market participation. ERCOT has worked with Resource Entities, Transmission Services Providers (TSPs), and Distribution Service Providers (DSPs) since the development of the Nodal Market to achieve this mapping; this NPRR would codify the process, which has worked well, in the Nodal Protocols," the Business Case states

See the NPRR here

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