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ERCOT Holding IT Forum On Road Map For Retail Market System Changes

February 13,2018

On Friday February 23, 2018, ERCOT will host a WebEx forum for Information Technology (IT) personnel of Market Participants involved in the ERCOT retail market in which it will present the long term road map of changes to its systems that support the operation of the ERCOT retail market over the next few years as well as highlight IT system impacts of projects expected to be implemented over the next few months.

This is the first of a series of forums ERCOT plans to conduct to engage Market Participant IT personnel in discussions related to its direction for system changes with the goal of communicating information that supports better planning and coordination of projects at ERCOT and Market Participants. The forums are also an opportunity for ERCOT and Market Participant IT personnel to engage more directly with each other as well as allow Market Participants and their service providers an opportunity to ask questions related to their specific implementation of system changes in concert with ERCOT.

Market Participant authorized representatives were strongly encouraged to forward a Market Notice announcing the road map forum to the appropriate IT personnel in their organization charged with planning and administration of projects for IT system changes as well as IT operations personnel that may have questions about implementation details of ERCOT system changes.

The agenda for the first meeting will be as follows:

1. ERCOT Retail IT Roadmap

2. New Market facing testing URLs for websites utilizing Digital Certificates for authentication

3. SSL Certificate Changes (mostly impacting APIs)

4. Questions and answers

ERCOT intends to conduct a series of IT forums to periodically engage with Market Participant IT personnel to complement other channels of communications such as Market Notices and discussions at stakeholder forums. To ensure the appropriate IT personnel receive invitations to future IT forums, ERCOT has established an e-mail distribution list (ITFORUMS) and encourages Market Participant IT personnel and service providers to subscribe. ERCOT listservs

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