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Calif. Now Requires One-Year Advance Notice For CCAs To Begin Service, 10 Grandfathered

February 09,2018

The California PUC has adopted a final resolution altering the timeline for implementation of community choice aggregations (CCAs) such that CCAs will be required to file a statement of intent to serve load at least one year before such service starts, so that the CCA's load can be included in resource adequacy allocations

There are two mandatory annual load forecast deadlines that an LSE must comply with in order to receive an annual RA obligation responsibility for the following year. First, an LSE must file a preliminary load forecast by mid-April for the following calendar year. An LSE then must file a revised forecast in August. The August forecast was intended to refine and improve the accuracy of the April forecast. This timeline meant CCAs launching after the RA-allocation deadline avoided RA allocation until the next year.

In order to coordinate the launch of a new or expanding CCA with the RA requirements, the CCA's Implementation Plan and Statement of Intent must be submitted to the Commission on or before January 1 in order to serve load in the following year

However, the final PUC resolution exempts several CCAs which are already in the process of implementation from the new timeline.

Specifically, the resolution has no effect on Implementation Plans or expansions filed by the 10 CCAs listed below, who had filed by December 8, 2017:

1. Los Angeles Community Choice Energy

2. East Bay Community Energy

3. Redwood Coast Energy Authority Expansion to the City of Ferndale

4. Monterey Bay Community Power

5. Pioneer Community Energy

6. City of Rancho Mirage

7. Valley Clean Energy Alliance

8. City of Solana Beach

9. City of San Jose

10. MCE’s expansion to the unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County; the cities of Concord, Martinez, Oakley, Pinole, Pittsburg and San Ramon; and the towns of Danville and Moraga

Collectively these 10 Implementation Plans represent approximately 3,600 MW of new CCA load for 2018.

In contrast, several CCAs that filed after December 8, 2017 will be subject to the new process (although with transitional deadlines meant to allow service in 2019), absent a waiver.

CCAs subject to the new process include:

1. Desert Community Energy

2. King City

3. Riverside CCA

4. Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s Expansion to Milpitas

5. Los Angeles Community Choice Energy’s Expansion to serve an additional 21 cities

Collectively these 5 additional Implementation Plans represent approximately 1700 MW of new CCA load that CCAs express a desire to serve in 2018. These five CCAs are impacted by the new timeline adopted in the resolution and may serve load no sooner than January 1, 2019, assuming all deadlines set forth by the PUC, unless these CCAs apply for a waiver

The PUC's Energy Division will complete an expedited review of the Implementation Plans submitted by these five CCAs above as well as any additional Implementation Plans and registration packages received on or before March 1, 2018. The Energy Division will complete its review by April 13, 2018. CCAs certified by April 13, 2018 must submit their registration packets (including signed service agreements and bond) no later than April 20, 2018 so that those CCAs are certified and registered before the Resource Adequacy annual load forecast deadline in April 2018. This will allow these CCAs to serve load in 2019.

Any new or expanding CCA may request a waiver from the timelines set forth in the resolution in order to begin service in that new or expanded territory prior to January 1, 2019. The resolution outlines the waiver process

See the PUC's adopted resolution here (copy is an agenda resolution adopted as shown here)

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