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Texas Staff File Draft Proposal For Changes To Transmission Rate, Allocation Rules

February 09,2018

Texas PUC Staff have filed a further draft proposal for publication for the repeal of the current §25.192 and the simultaneous replacement with proposed new §25.192, relating to transmission-service rates.

Under the draft, the proposed new section requires the use of the most recent Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) 4CP load prior to the date of approval in determining transmission rates and provides requirements for calculating transmission cost of service, including a reduction for offsetting export revenues, a presumption that storage facilities not be considered transmission facilities, the removal of the use of the cash-flow methodology for determining rate of return for non-investor-owned utilities (non-IOUs), a requirement that a transmission-service provider's (TSP's) transmission rate of return not exceed the TSP's overall rate of return, a requirement to submit a comparison of actual costs to estimates provided in a CCN application, and an obligation to establish baseline values under a full transmission cost-of-service proceeding.

ERCOT 4CP load would be defined as, "the sum of the DSP 4CP load for all of the DSPs in the ERCOT region, excluding the portion of demand attributable to wholesale storage load and to export flows."

See the proposal at the links below:


Redlined vs. Current Rule

Texas   Transmission   4CP  

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