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ERCOT Files Update To 4CP Report, Explains Adjustments

February 01,2018

ERCOT filed with the Texas PUC an update to its 4CP report to explain further an adjustment that was made when ERCOT noted a difference between the sum of all the individual DSP load volumes compared to the peak totals calculated under the new 4CP formula set forth in recent NPRR.

ERCOT adjusted the individual DSP shares utilizing a standard Load Ratio Share (LRS) adjustment, as is typically used for other market processes, so that the sum equaled the peak totals correctly calculated in conformance with the new 4CP formula added under NPRR 830.

At the time that ERCOT prepared and submitted the 2017 4CP Report, it could not definitively determine what figures were contributing to the difference between the individual DSP data versus the peak totals calculated under the new formula. However, ERCOT has attempted to answer all inquiries it received about the adjustment and has performed extensive analysis in an effort to pin point the exact figures contributing to the difference. Based upon that analysis, it appears that the following two factors account for approximately 99.8% of the difference: (a) Transmission Losses (TL) and Unaccounted for Energy (UFE) associated with DC Tie exports; and (b) DC Tie inadvertent energy. ERCOT is continuing to perform analysis in an effort to determine if the remaining 0.2% is due to another contributing factor or rounding differences between the two different methodologies.

See more in ERCOT's supplement here

Separately, Staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas filed a Draft Transmission Charge Matrix.

See the draft matrix here

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