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ERCOT Increasing Minimum Quantities of Responsive Reserve Service To Be Procured

January 24,2018

ERCOT said in a market notice that, on February 1, 2018, ERCOT will increase the minimum quantities of Responsive Reserve Service to be procured for February through May of 2018. The additional quantities vary by hour and month, and range from 10 MW to 167 MW.

The Ancillary Service Requirement Methodology Assessment document posted on ERCOT’s Market Information System (MIS) has been updated to show the specific adjustments and the revised total minimum Ancillary Service quantities.

The posted Ancillary Services quantities reflect minimum requirements only. ERCOT will follow-up with a Notification if any upward adjustments to these minimum quantities are made.

The basis for this increase will be discussed at the Reliability and Operations Subcommittee (ROS) meeting on February 1, 2018. The presentation for that meeting has been posted to the ROS meeting page on the ERCOT website.

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