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State Rep., Businesses File Support For LP&L Move To Retail Choice

January 16,2018

A Texas state rep. and several businesses and large customers have filed comments with the Texas PUC supporting the stated intent of Lubbock Power & Light to implement retail electric choice if a transition to ERCOT is approved

Rep. Byron Cook, who chaired the State Affairs Committee last session, wrote, "It is my understanding that the City of Lubbock utility, Lubbock Power and Light (LP&L) is seeking integration into the ERCOT market, which would allow LP&L, the third largest municipally owned utility in Texas to further strengthen ERCOT. And, as I understand it, if this integration is approved by the PUC, then LP&L plans to begin the process of entering into competition, giving Lubbock citizens and businesses a choice for their retail electric service. The continued growth of ERCOT and the competitive market in Texas should be embraced by all market participants to access future growth. This process should be fair and reasonable allowing for a broad and forward-looking focus as to what is in the best interest of Lubbock citizens, as well the state."

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, PYCO Industries, Inc., and Texas Tech University each filed separate letters expressing LP&L's stated intent to adopt retail choice

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