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Luminant Confirms No Longer Marketing One Of Its Assets, Will Retire Unit

January 11,2018

In an RFI response to Texas PUC Staff concerning its proposed merger with Dynegy, Luminant confirmed that the sale process for its Big Brown was not successful

Luminant had stated in its merger application that it was engaged in the process of selling one or more units at four sites (Big Brown, Graham, Stryker Creek, and Trinidad).

"In its Application, Luminant indicated that it was engaged in a process for the potential sale of Big Brown and that if that process was unsuccessful, then Luminant would retire the Big Brown units, pursuant to the schedule approved by ERCOT in its market notice issued on November 6, 2017. That sales process has proven unsuccessful, and Luminant now intends to retire the Big Brown units on February 12, 2018," Luminant said in an RFI response

"Luminant is continuing to engage in a sales process for the other units listed in its Application (Graham, Stryker Creek, and Trinidad), but has not executed any sales agreements as of the date of this response," Luminant said in an RFI response

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