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Ohio Adopts Order Addressing Net Metering Compensation To Customers Of Retail Suppliers

November 09,2017

PUCO adopted an order addressing net metering compensation for customers of competitive retail electric service (CRES) suppliers

PUCO held that CRES providers, "may offer net metering contracts to customer-generators at any price, rate, credit, or refund for excess generation from a customer-generator."

PUCO said that its adopted rules are meant to create an environment where competitive retail electric service providers (CRES providers) are encouraged to offer innovative net metering products and services.

The adopted rule seeks to accomplish this by providing customer-generators with access to advanced meters and by providing CRES providers with better access to the data and capabilities of those meters.

A CRES provider must notify the electric utility if it enters into a net metering contract with a customer-generator. Additionally, PUCO said that the electric utilities should be permitted to automatically move customer-generators to bill-ready billing, so long as the CRES provider and the customer-generator have not agreed to dual billing.

See PUCO's order for more details

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