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Texas State Rep. Presses PUCT To Adopt Extended Customer Protections For Hurricane Harvey Victims

October 27,2017

Texas State Rep. Jessica Farrar filed a letter with the Texas PUC urging the PUC to adopt a petition from consumer advocates who had sought the adoption and extension of various retail electricity consumer protections for Hurricane Harvey victims for a period of 12 months

See ECM's story here on the specific consumer protections sought

"After 21 days the Commission has yet to take action," on the consumer advocates' petition, Farrar wrote

"A similar petition was filed on September 7, 2005 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. By September 13, 2005 the Commission ruled to deny the petition and ordered Commission staff to draft rule language. An emergency rule order was adopted on October 3, 2005," Farrar wrote

"I am interested in knowing the Commission's intentions with regard to the petition, which will help 70,000 people still waiting for a response from the Federal Energy Management Administration (FEMA) and the Texas property owners who could wait several years to get their share of $7.4 billion in federal relief aid to help permanently rebuild or repair about 300,000 Hurricane Harvey-ravaged homes and businesses. I am asking you to please take steps to adopt the emergency petition. This will make it possible for the hundreds of thousands of hurricane victims to readily meet credit requirements for having electricity service so that their recovery from the storm can progress," Farrar wrote

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