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App Shows NRG’s Strategy for Connected Home, Services

September 15,2014

An app has been published on iTunes called NRG Home+, presented by NRG Connected Home, LLC, which allows users to remotely monitor and control household devices on the app.

"The NRG Home+ suite of products and services offers you access to energy management, home automation and security devices that let you remotely control, monitor and manage your biggest investment," a description of the app, for iPhone and iPad, says.

"Set some new house rules by scheduling savings on your programmable thermostats, controlling your small appliances, and monitoring your home on the go. Receive alerts or view your account in real time from your mobile device or on the web," a description for the app says.

A link on the app's iTune's page labeled "NRG Home+ Support" directs users to Reliant's Texas residential customer care page.

The app's page lists features as:

NRG Home+
- Conserve – energy management 
- Automate – home control
- View – video monitoring 

NRG Home+ Security 
- Essential 
- Advanced
- Premium 

Pages on the app dealing with security are designated as "powered by", while pages dealing with temperature and thermostats are listed as "powered by Building 36".

Screenshots (iPad version) of some of the app's pages are below:

See larger images from the app on the app's iTunes page.

In May, NRG had a job posting seeking a senior manager for, "NRG Home Security."

NRG Connected Home LLC is described as a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc.

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