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PJM Files To Allocate Uplift To Virtual Transactions

October 18,2017

PJM filed tariff revisions at FERC to, "more equitably allocate day-ahead Operating Reserves and balancing Operating Reserves (commonly referred to as 'uplift') to Virtual Transactions and to refine the methodology used to calculate Operating Reserve credits paid to Market Participants."

PJM's changes would allocate uplift to Up-to Congestion Transactions (UTCs) in the same way that uplift is currently allocated to Increment Offers11 (INCs) and Decrement Bids (DECs).

PJM also submitted revisions to PJM Tariff, Attachment K-Appendix and the parallel provisions of Operating Agreement, Schedule 1 to reduce the number of bidding points at which Virtual Transactions may be submitted by Market Participants.

See PJM's filings for more


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