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Facebook To Take Service Under Dominion Virginia New Renewable Tariff

October 06,2017

Dominion Energy Virginia said that Facebook has elected to partake of a new renewable rate option offered by the utility to power a location in eastern Henrico County (outside Richmond) as home to its eighth data center in the United States.

Dominion Energy Virginia plans to construct multiple solar facilities in the Commonwealth (sites still to be determined), "to both meet Facebook's needs and benefit all of its customers," the utility said

The Facebook data center would be served under a new renewable rate option called Schedule RF (renewable facility), which Dominion Energy Virginia plans to file with the Virginia State Corporation Commission later this month. If approved, Schedule RF would allow Facebook to offset its annual energy needs with renewable energy delivered to the grid. It would also create opportunities for other large companies wishing to make the same commitment

Dominion Energy Virginia said that it and Facebook worked extensively on creating the Schedule RF structure to meet customer needs.

To qualify for the voluntary and experimental rate option, a customer must bring new electrical load and agree to purchase environmental attributes from renewable energy sources as defined in the Code of Virginia.

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