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Direct Energy Testifies On Customer Data Access At U.S. House Hearing

September 27,2017

Todd Sandford, Senior Vice President, North America Distributed Energy & Power at Direct Energy, provided testimony at a hearing held by the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Energy yesterday, concerning the evolving electric industry and role of technology in empowering customers

In written testimony, Sandford said questions about access to customer data must be addressed, as data access and transparency are foundational to unlocking innovation in the industry. Sandford noted that, currently, access to a customer’s energy usage data is regulated on a state by state basis.

"Our position is that any customer protections must be applied equally to all potential technology suppliers, not just those subject to regulation by the state public utility commission," Sandford said

In written testimony, Sandford said:

"We believe there are areas of focus for policy makers that can help develop a smarter, more flexible energy system that helps put consumers in control of their energy usage and assets:

   • Support modern infrastructure so that 1) consumers can use the technology that they are already investing in, and 2) the full benefits of the digitization of energy can be realized. • Oppose legislation or policies that would pick one winner to provide these products or services across a utility footprint.

   • Realize the potential of larger energy consumers to benefit from a smarter energy system.

   • Support the growth of new markets for flexibility especially at the local (distribution) level."

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