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Illinois Default Service Capacity Procurement Selects Demand Response Provider As Winning Bidder

September 15,2017

Voltus, Inc., a demand response provider, announced that it was among the two winning bidders for the recent Illinois Power Agency Midcontinent Independent System Operator Zone 4 capacity procurement.

The IPA procured capacity for Ameren default service customers, for planning years 2018/2019, at an average price of $23.26 per MW-day. Voltus said that 826 MWs of capacity was targeted to be procured

The two winning suppliers were Voltus and Prairie Power. Inc.

Voltus said that it is the first time a demand response provider has won a contract in the Illinois Power Agency procurement process, which began in 2007.

Additional details on the RFP results are found here

Voltus's commercial, institutional, and industrial demand response network now totals nearly 600 MWs in the MISO portion of Illinois

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