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ERCOT Uplifting To Market Amounts Related To ADR Refund

September 13,2017

ERCOT issued a market notice informing QSEs representing LSEs of uplift invoices resulting from refunds granted under an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceeding

As previously reported, (see details here), ERCOT is refunding approximately $1 million to North Maple Energy LLC as a result of an ADR proceeding concerning Point-to-Point (PTP) Obligation bids in the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) for Operating Days (ODs) January 30 and 31, 2017 and a conflict between two protocols

The notice concerning the uplift is below:

NOTICE DATE: September 12, 2017

NOTICE TYPE: M-A091217-01 Settlements

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Notification of ADR Invoices associated with the Resolution of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) No. 2017-NME-01

INTENDED AUDIENCE: QSEs representing LSEs with monthly Load Ratio Share (LRS) for January 2017 and/or February 2017

DAY AFFECTED: September 12, 2017

LONG DESCRIPTION: Pursuant to ERCOT Protocol Section 20.10.1(2), ERCOT is issuing ADR Invoices that contain billable amounts associated with the resolution of ADR No. 2017-NME-01 as described in Market Notice M-A090817-01, Resolution of ADR Proceedings between ERCOT and North Maple Energy LLC.

The charges associated with this ADR resolution are being uplifted to QSEs who represented LSEs that had a non-zero monthly LRS for January 2017 and/or February 2017, and allocated based on the initial monthly LRS for the respective operating month. The monthly LRS is the 15-minute LRS calculated for the peak Load Settlement Interval during the month.

The table below provides further detail as to the amounts invoiced for each affected operating month, based on the resolution of the ADR:

January 2017:

PTP Obligations adjustments for Operating Days 01/30/2017 and 01/31/2017: $1,123,690.62

PTP Obligations net payment for Operating Day 01/28/2017: $(112,964.09)

Total invoiced, based on January 2017 monthly LRS: $1,010,726.53

February 2017:

Voided February CRRs 02/08/2017 to 02/28/2017: $101,135.44

PTP Obligations net payment for Operating Days 02/02/2017 and 02/03/2017: $(5,300.82)

Total invoiced, based on February 2017 monthly LRS: $95,834.62

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