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Virginia Utility Announces Residential, Business Community Solar Program

September 06,2017

Dominion Energy Virginia said that it will be offering residential and business customers a community solar program

Dominion Energy Virginia said that it is working on a number of programs that will offer solar energy in a variety of ways to any interested business or residential customer. By early 2018, the company plans to file program options with the Virginia State Corporation Commission that will:

• Allow for the purchase of community-based solar generation for a portion of the customer's energy usage. The Community Solar Pilot Program will enable customers to purchase energy from new solar facilities installed in communities throughout the company's Virginia service area.

• Include a 100 percent renewable energy option for 100 percent of the time for residential and small commercial and industrial customers.

• Enable a business customer to purchase renewable generation equal to a specific portion of their energy usage.

Dominion said that program details are being finalized

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