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Report Claims Complaints About Retail Suppliers "Surging" In Massachusetts

June 22,2017

A post by Evan Anderson published on claims that, "complaints about dubious [retail supplier] 'deals' surging in Massachusetts."

One basis for such claim is a review of complaints over the past eight years. However, a chart accompanying the post showing complaints for seven specific suppliers for that time shows that, while there was an initial surge in 2012 (to an aggregate of only 150), complaints have been in the range of 150-250 since that time. The "surge" starting in 2012 reflects the point in time when the market became viable, due to market conditions and later the introduction of POR, and an attendant increase in marketing activity. Retail supplier activity was confined to a handful of suppliers in 2008 and 2009

The post also notes that, in response to public information requests to the state Attorney General, the AG replied that certain information concerning two suppliers were not able to be disclosed due to ongoing investigations.

See for the identity of the suppliers. To be clear, the suppliers offering statements below are not the two suppliers named in the post as being under an ongoing AG ivnestigation

Just Energy issued the following statement in response to the post:

Just Energy strongly disagrees with the implication that complaints against it are increasing. In Massachusetts, Just Energy has received less than 15 consumer complaints from the regulator, since 2015 and has worked to resolve each and every one of those.

Just Energy provides the consumers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts products of value, energy efficiency and stability, Just Energy has strong, comprehensive internal controls to ensure that its customers are satisfied; and if they are not completely satisfied, Just Energy provides them with the peace of mind that if they want to cancel their contract for any reason they only need to call and they can cancel at any time with no termination fees. -- Just Energy

Mega Energy CEO Javed Meghani also offered the statement below concerning the post:

Mega Energy strives to be transparent with our customers and potential customers. We have never used door-to-door salespeople, so if anyone shows up at your door claiming to be from Mega Energy, close the door and call us at 855-810-6342.

We offer the most competitive fixed-rate plans we can, where the rate stays the same for the entire length of the contract. Mega Energy may not always have the lowest rate, but we never try to trick customers.

We have received only five complaints which occurred in early 2016 that were due primarily to misunderstandings. All were resolved quickly. -- Javed Meghani, CEO Mega Energy

See for the post

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