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Crius Officially Surpasses 1 Million RCEs, Gives Free Energy To Contest Winners

May 26,2017

Crius Energy announced that it officially surpassed 1 million residential customer equivalents (RCE) after audited financials confirmed that the company has grown its customer count to 1,003,000.

The surpassing of 1 million RCEs by Crius had been first reported by EnergyChoiceMatters earlier this month when Crius reported quarterly earnings

Crius Energy had conducted a "Charge to One Million Customers" sweepstakes in the run-up to its new milestone, with over 30 winners selected at random to receive a $500 prize, which Crius said is the equivalent of approximately 4-months+ of free energy according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

See more info on contest winners here

Crius Energy  

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