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PSEG CEO Presses NJ Regulators To Allow Utilities To Be "Sales Channel" For New Products/Services

May 24,2017

In public remarks outlining the company's vision for the future of New Jersey's energy industry, Ralph Izzo, president, chairman and chief executive officer of Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), called on New Jersey regulators to adopt a role for utilities in selling new products and services to customers

As stated in a PSEG news release, Izzo discussed in his remarks, "the role utilities can play in helping increase the speed of adoption and depth of penetration of new technology."

"The utility, with its network and strong customer relations, can be the ultimate sales channel for new energy products and services," Izzo said.

Izzo also called for greater utility investment and involvements in energy efficiency and renewable energy

Izzo, the news release stated, "called for a set of statewide regulatory reforms that would create financial incentives for utilities to help their customers reduce at-home energy use, as well as expand access to renewable energy and new energy-saving technologies."

The news release stated, "In order to meet these competing demands, utilities and the regulatory framework that governs them must adapt from a system that encourages utilities to sell as much energy as possible to a new system that provides incentives for the utility to promote greater energy efficiency, Izzo said."

The news release stated, "The universal reach of utilities, touching every home and business in their service territory, means that investment in energy efficiency at the utility level would ensure all customers, at every income level, would reap the benefits of those programs."

"Similarly, utilities can help promote universal access to renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. PSEG has already spent more than $1 billion on solar projects in New Jersey and 13 other states," the news release stated

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